Considering the expansion of manufactured goods in the field of building safety and the priority of the importance of evaluating and testing the optimal performance of fire alarm system equipment according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, which is considered a parallel thing in order to prevent and reduce financial and life losses, 5O7 specialized laboratory in the direction of advancing Safety objectives and quantitative and qualitative approval of products (fire alarm systems and related fields) according to the existing written standards, using the most accurate laboratory devices with the latest technology in the world after extensive evaluations carried out by the Research Institute of Advanced Industrial Systems with understanding The honor of cooperation with the National Standard Organization was recognized as a specialized laboratory and a partner of the National Standard Organization of Iran in the field of fire alarm systems. The 5O7 specialized laboratory pursues its specialized activity with the aim of achieving high evaluation indicators and using the ability to perform some necessary and time-consuming tests simultaneously with the approach of speeding up the presentation of test results. Therefore, the technical and engineering team of this complex, while welcoming cooperation and performing optimal laboratory activities, hopes to always register positive steps while proving its professional ethics along with the satisfaction of domestic and foreign colleagues.