Specialized laboratory quality policy 5O7

With the honor of providing laboratory services as a partner laboratory of the National Standard Organization of the country, the specialized laboratory of Danesh-Banyan Safety Consultants Company, from the beginning of its operation, has been committed to systematic quality while using the most accurate product testing devices with the latest technologies in the world.

It should use itself with the aim of gaining the accuracy of the logical action in the test and the satisfaction of the colleagues from the technical services. Based on this, the quality policy of the laboratory in line with the organizational vision and in accordance with the establishment of the standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 is announced as follows:

 1. Continuous efforts in the field of increasing the quality of service provision

2. Cooperation with the Vice President’s Scientific Institute to advance the scientific and research goals of colleagues.

 3. Increasing the satisfaction of domestic colleagues and importers of foreign products.

4. Taking steps towards the implementation of standard laboratory methods and reducing the factors that cause errors in the results with the comprehensive implementation of the quality control program.

5. Taking advantage of advanced facilities and new laboratory equipment according to the technology of the world.

 Therefore, understanding the importance of the establishment and continuity of the quality system in parallel with the use of accurate test equipment by attracting suitable resources and selecting the country’s first-rate experts, we have paid special attention to the existence of optimal infrastructure in the 5O7 specialized laboratory in order to comprehensively control the various stages of the test. In establishing the quality system and spreading the safety culture, we should get the proper cooperation which is essential for the realization of the goals of the quality system.